Take Your Driving to the Next Level!

Your personalized LMP Experience includes the following:

The LMP Experience at Circuit of The Americas
Featuring the Wolf Prototype

- Learn To Drive A 150 Mph Wolf Prototype-CN Car with full aero downforce ​- Experience over 2 Gs cornering and   > 1.6 Gs braking - Have Access To The World Class Circuit of The Americas - Drive 5 - 20 Minute Sessions Each Day

- Expert Classroom Instruction From Professional Drivers And Instructors - In-Car Video Of Your Best Driving Sessions

- Datalogging And Analysis Of Your On-Track Sessions - In-Car And On Track Photos - Personalized Video Of Your Time           "THE LMP EXPERIENCE"

Call 512-261-1462 for more information. A Totally Unique Driving Experience http://www.motorsports-sw.com/site/