What to Expect at an Edge Addicts Event

Our events are not slow paced, our days are long and they start early, we suggest that everyone arrive at the track by 6:30am the day of the event, at COTA, 7:30 am at Motorsport Ranch. The mandatory drivers meeting is at 7am (8am Motorsport Ranch). You will get around 2 hours of track time split up between 5 sessions each day. While you are on track you will be passing and getting passed by other cars. Passing is done in a controlled manor and only after the lead car gives the passing car a point to pass. If you are new to the sport of High Performance Driving our instructor team will help you navigate and lear the foundational skills that are necessary to progress through the various run group levels.  If you are an experienced driver our advanced instructors are available at no cost to assist with the core competencies required to progress and move up in this sport.  If you are Solo certified on another race track, or new to Edge Addicts, we will provide an instructor your first session to help you learn the line and evaluate where you best fit in our run groups. You will need to have a Technical Inspection done on your car. The link to the form can be found above, take the form to a mechanic and have them sign off on all of the items. The only other thing you will need is a helmet, if you don't have one you can either buy one beforehand or rent one from us. Please remember to bring snacks and water with you to the track as well as a chair to sit in. If you have any other questions about what to expect please review the event information tab or call Trevor at (903) 243-4531. We hope to see you on track soon.


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